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Nose Augmentation Non-Surgical

Thinking about a new shape for your nose but are hesitant about surgery?

This soft tissue injection is a 5 minute procedure intended to create a more shapely, balanced and attractive shape to the nose and nasofacial proportion.

An enhanced nasal shape is achieved by injection of soft tissue fillers into specific locations to create shapes, angles and contours that were not present or compromised. As the name suggests, the 5 minute nose augmentation is an injection rhinoplasty.

What should your nose look like?

An attractive nose may vary from face to face and in size and shape. Usually an attractive nose is proportionate to the middle section of the face and should not dominate nor minimize its presence.

The bridge should be close to straight, the tip should not be too wide nor too pinched, nor too projected or close to the face. The nostrils should not be too flared or too pinched and the base of the nose should take off from the face in a narrow range of attractive angles.

What types of noses can the 5 minutes nose job fix?

The 5 minute nose augmentation can treat these basic types of nose shapes and/or combination of these shapes:

  • Bridge Bumps
  • Scooped Out Bridges
  • Bulbous Tips
  • Wide Noses
  • Pinched tips
  • Crooked Noses
  • Wide Nostrils
  • Bifed Tips
  • Hanging Columella
  • Retracted Columella

5 minutes nose job procedure

Local anesthesia is injected to the nose. Even though administering the local anesthesia can be uncomfortable, it will actually make the 5 minute nose augmentation procedure pain free. After the anesthesia is administered the next part is injection of the soft tissue filler (Radiesse) into the desired areas of the nose that will provide enhanced nasal contour and shape. Small pieces of support tape may be placed on the nose for the first 24 hours. Post treatment pain is modest and bruising and swelling can be minimal to modest.

The nose frequently looks good immediately; however there is a modest amount of swelling and bruising for the next 24-48 hours.The results can last up to 1 year with a follow up appointment at 3 months.